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Snake Huntress

14 April 2022

Left to die on monster island, Sam manages to guide what is left of the crew to his home. Here he uncovers a secret from his past; his family’s treasure. Treasure large enough to pursue the Rattler and those that have wronged him.

Unexpectedly voted as Captain, Sam must navigate the politics of his ship along with the sea. He must earn his place on Jolly Outlook, the pirate cove where sailors have their fun, and the leader of Jolly, the infamous Siren.

With conflicts around every corner, Sam must navigate battles with friends and foes, punish those he is fond of and pardon those he is not. He must lead his crew into battles, watching swords from the front and knives in the back.

He must never lose sight of his motivation nor his thirst for revenge.

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The Rattler

29 September 2021

Sam is stolen from the comforts of the only life he has known. A young man, he is captured by pirates and forced into their crew. A common practice for the time, he never thought it would happen to him. Sam is forced to undergo a series of trials and tests beyond his wildest imagination- all in the hopes of escaping pirate life and returning to his family and beloved twin sister.

Filled with harrowing adventures, mythical creatures, and one man’s determination to survive in a world gone mad, The Rattler is an epic journey you won’t want to miss.

Buy your copy and set sail into the great unknown today.

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Ten Terrifying Tales

31 October 2020

Ten Terriying Tales, a compliation of all of the works below, is out now!

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June 2020

Frank is a former pediatrician pulled out of retirement to help with the evacuation of children away from the outbreak. Working on an abandoned airfield the military have been brought in to secure and set up a base for the evacuation. Frank is alarmed to see restraints added to temporary hospital beds but the soldiers brush it off as nothing to worry about. As Frank is making his way to the living quarters he hears a commotion inside as all hell breaks loose.



April 2020

Shelly and Sophie are still getting used to the new conditions. Working on the Intensive Care Unit they can dictate exactly what they want to happen on their ward, despite what Colonel White says. They are, however, still nurses at the end of the day and agree to take a new patient at the Colonel's request. All is not what it seems when the new patient arrives.

ICU cover.jpg
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Floor 2

March 2020

A regular day at the office takes a turn for the worse as the sickness has infected a number of employees. With only one way out it quickly becomes a fight for survival.

Floor 2 cover.jpg


May 2020

Will and Lewis have made it to one of the most beautiful locations in South East Asia. With laid back bars and stunning scenery they truly believe they have arrived in paradise. They meet Sophie and Sara at their hostel and before anybody knows what is going on they are double dating. While on a trip to get food between drinks things on the island take a sinister turn.

paradise cover.jpg
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Home Sweet Home

March 2020

A young couple have stocked their house with enough food and water to survive the worst of the outbreak. Unfortunately for them there are people that want to steal what they have.

home sweet home cover.jpg

The Bait

June 2020

Alone and looking to survive it’s been four days since John last ate anything. Villages and shops have been looted long before he arrives and his only hope is a mysterious note he finds telling him to head to a supermarket in a village not far from where he is. The note insists he will be offered food in exchange for medicine. This is the only option he has, trouble is he has no medicine to trade.

the bait.jpg
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Locked Up

April 2020

Mr Hirst is sat in a prison cell, knowing he has done nothing wrong. A new prisoner is put in the cell across, a prisoner who brings a very literal meaning to the phrase caged animal.

Locked up cover.jpg

The Last Train

May 2020

Trying to escape the outbreak four strangers have boarded the last train out of England and into Scotland. The journey can't begin quick enough though as a hoard of the infected have appeared on the platform.

The Last Train cover.jpg
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Him and Her

February 2020

During the outbreak a married couple are asleep inside a small tent as far away from civilization as possible. Unfortunately something has just woken them up.

Him and Her - cover.jpg

Valley Farm

June 2020

Owning and running their own farm, Tim and Lisa are far enough away from the outbreak to not be concerned. Brief flashes of a deteriorating situation on the news go ignored. Strange happenings on the farm and a warning from their neighbour does nothing, that us until late one evening when the neighbour comes knocking on the door.

Valley farm.jpg
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